Summer is almost here and what better way to soak up the sun than to have a great meal outside in downtown Missoula. Here are 5 restaurants that I believe will surely be able to quench your thirst for both the sun and maybe a drink or two.


  • 1

    James Bar - 27 W Alder Street

    Supporting local vendors for the past 7 years, James Bar is a place to have a classy affair without breaking the bank. Daily specials are what they do best and having both food and drink items allows for multiple trips during the week, if you are so inclined. The outside patio allows for friends and family of all ages to relax and enjoy a cold beverage and a local meal.

  • 2

    The Shack - 222 W Main St

    A Missoula classic since 1949, The Shack has been a local favorite dining experience for many years. One of my favorite places for breakfast, The Shack is the leader in serving locally raised produce and meats that are all combined into a dish made from scratch. Their unique decor transports you back into the late 1800’s of Montana and their location couldn't be in a better place.  

  • 3

    The Catalyst Cafe - 111 N Higgins Ave

    Your mornings made simple and tasteful, the Catalyst Cafe was Montana first coffee cart and has been growing ever since. Serving breakfast all day long, it's very likely to see a University student have a bite to eat after a long night of studying. Both vegan and vegetarian alike can find comfort here, it’s exactly what you would expect to see in this city of Missoula.  

  • 4

    The Notorious P.I.G - 247 W Front St

    You know its a successful restaurant when there is a constant line of Missoulians out the door taking up most of the Front St. sidewalk. The Notorious P.I.G uses recipes and techniques learned from the world famous pit-masters of Saint Louis. They begin their work at 4 am and only make enough for that days sales, so you can be sure what you are eating is made fresh and with passion.

  • 5

    Iron Horse Bar and Grill - 501 N Higgins Ave

    One of Missoula's biggest and most successful bar and grill, the Iron Horse is surely a place to enjoy a nice meal and a local beer outside in the sun. With four outside seating areas, you are always going to find a place for you and your friends. Being one of the bigger restaurants downtown, it is still very likely that you will see someone you know when visiting the Iron Horse, it's just that good!

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