Of course with the sun coming out more for our area there is a lot of talk about protecting your skin. You would be surprised something that is being found to increase that chance of burning and you probably have it on you right now.

Today recently published some interesting scoop on vacationing, relaxing or enjoying the sun with your tablet, kindle or phone. This made perfect sense. Do you remember seeing on TV or maybe in real life those hanging out on the beach with reflector thing around them to improve their tan? Well chances are with modern knowledge you don't see those very often but you may be using one without knowing it.

Your device screen is a reflector! It reflects that sun on your skin at a higher magnitude than you think. The bigger the reflector, the more damage it does. A tablet or kindle can increase UV exposure by 85 percent and an iPhone by 35 percent. Not surprising once pointed out but something you may not think about. Always apply SPF as well.

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