This is the time of year where we all get asked to do a little bit extra for others. I don't think you can make it through the holidays without being asked to donate to the food bank, drop some money in the bucket, or provide a present to someone in need. It's already a pretty stressful time as we deal with family, travel, and a strain on our expenses - so kudos to anyone that steps up and helps those that need it most during the season!

Did you know about Operation Santa?

Apparently, this program has been around for over 100 years although I don't think I've ever heard of it until today. Do you know about USPS Operation Santa? It's through the post office and matches helpers to those that write letters to Santa with their Christmas wishes. How cool is that? As you can guess, Santa is always looking for additional elves to help with all those letters. Are you up for volunteering this year?

Here's how it works

  • Letters get written and sent to Santa's address through the USPS.
  • Sensitive information is removed and the letters are posted online.
  • Generous helpers adopt a letter and fulfill wishes.
  • Gifts are shipped and holiday wishes are filled.

Children that write letters are reminded to include useful information like sizes, styles, and colors for clothes and shoes. Names and titles should be included for toys, games, and books.

How do you send a letter?

Letters to Santa must be postmarked by December 10th and can be sent to:

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole 88888

What an awesome program! I can't believe I didn't know about it before!

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