Currently, if you have a 406 phone number, you only have to dial 7 digits if you're calling another 406 number. But starting on April 24th, you will have to add the '406,' and for a good reason.

The FCC has approved the three digit number "988" as the National Suicide Lifeline. Yes, there's still an FCC, who knew!? To avoid accidental calls to the suicide line, states that are still dialing 7 digits will have to include the area code, including Montana. You'll have until October 24th to get used to dialing '406,' as that is the date dialing 7 digits will no longer work. Also, if you have 7 digit numbers saved in your phone, which just about everyone does, you'll have to go through your list of contacts and add a 406.  When I switched phone numbers, I had to do this, it's kind of a pain in the ass. However, I am glad that, ultimately, this is happening to help people in crisis.

The FCC also says that any state using a '988' prefix must move to ten digit dialing to avoid those accidental calls to the suicide line, that means Dillon here in Montana. Of course, you can pick any number when you have a cell phone, so you could have a Dillon number, even if you don't live there, so take note.

If you are in crisis and want help, call the MT Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7
If you're uncomfortable talking, you can simply text “MT” to 741 741 to chat with a human.

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