Okay, first, to address my cynical (and jealous) co-workers' claims, no I did Photoshop this! :-) Secondly, a great big thank you to my friend Mark Ward (The Captain) for taking an excellent photo. I mean, presentation is everything, right? He posed us well to get an imposing look out of that critter (not that it was tiny by any means). It was a wonderful day off Tuesday, fishing just south of the Narrows on Flathead Lake near the Finley Point area. We started in about 90 feet of water, using a whole-bait setup. That is, a 6-8 inch pike minnow, weighted with sinkers and dropped to the bottom or just off the bottom. When this guy hit I knew it had some size to it. Lots of fight and more time to reel in than I care to admit. And since we forgot a net, landing it added to the adventure.  We measured it at 36 inches and while we didn't weigh it, there was plenty of girth. I'm guessing it approached 20 pounds. I know my arms were getting tired holding it up for just the right photo! We caught a couple more close to this in size range, and while we didn't hook a lot of fish on our six hours on the water, quality definitely won out over quantity. Everybody landed fish, everybody had fun!

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