The annual Daly Mansion Murder Mystery completed a successful four-day run this weekend with a talented cast throwing out countless clues in an interactive mystery with a great deal of improv comedy sprinkled throughout, putting the "fun" in fundraiser. The "Unusual Suspects" group produced the plot as a benefit for the Daly Mansion and the Hamilton Players Community Theater. It was sold-out again this year (Only minutes after tickets were available on-line). "A Conspirator's Conspiracy," October 9-12, centered around a millionaire ready to donate money to the best conspiracy theory presented at his mansion. Five groups - ranging from Flat Earth to Lizard People - were vying for the money when suddenly a murder happened. And it turned out to be an alien! The audience was divided into tables of eight to help each other solve the mystery, as they wined and dined. And they had three opportunities to question the individual suspects in various rooms of the Daly Mansion. The solution was revealed at the end of the night. Through the laughter, some of the tables actually figured out the murderer's identity.

The Daly Mansion mysteries started in the 1980s and have grown in popularity every year. The 2019 cast was again comprised of volunteers, including some Hamilton Players actors. This year's cast included Greg Burgess, John Walker, Diane Myers, Bea Paxson, Terry Croghan, Carrie Storrow, Deana Wolfe, Jeff Wolfe, Molly Hill, Al Hill, Suzy Pliley, Suzanne Casteel and April Sommers.

mansion mystery cast
The 2019 Daly Mansion Murder Mystery cast. (Sue Smith Photo, Townsquare Media)
earl and dusty
Earl and Dusty, looking for a huge Hasenpfeffer. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

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