Some of the material in this may be a little dated but since Jr. won at Daytona last Sunday it's worth bringing back.

Racing fans all have their favorites. When it comes to NASCAR mine’s Dale Jr. It’s kind of hard not to like Jr. First of all he likes animals. He has all kinds of pets; 2 dogs (Killer & Stroker Ace), 2 cats (Buddy & Tux), 2 goats (Bonnie and Clyde), 2 buffalo (Laverne & Shirley), 4 longhorns (Bertha, Cleo, Marybell & Leo), and miniature mules, horses and donkeys (1 each).

Dale Jr also has steadily continued to race through the good and bad times. Last year he was a consistent top finisher. He’s a “Steady Eddie” on the track and doesn’t get involved in any cheap shot activity.

Not long ago he did an interview with Fox Sports that reinforced my opinion of him. He seems like a real stand up kind of guy. I hope he has a good season this year.

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