A father in Polson thought up an idea to keep his daughter safe and his self-defense tool has sold over 20,000 units worldwide.

When Dave Duford's daughter was moving to Las Vegas he was concerned for her safety and suggested she carry a knife.  For various reasons, including size, it wasn't the ideal solution.

Fast forward a bit and Fast Strike was born in 2017.  It was a more compact tool that could be used to keep a person safe.

Fast Strike doesn't come with the same regulations that other weapons do because it's classified as a non-legal weapon.

But it sounds pretty painful if you were to catch the Fast Strike wrath.  “It’s not going to do the damage batons can do and or knives can do,” Duford said. “It’s capable of breaking fingers and hands, it’s going to tear up some skin, but it shouldn’t ever kill anybody.”

But if your looking to hit an attacker hard enough to cause pain and allow yourself time to escape the situation, that's the design of Fast Strike.

The 3-ounce device can easily fit in a purse or pocket and is handmade by the father and daughter duo in Polson.

Visit the Fast Strike website HERE!

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