Waiting for the snow to fall? Are your dreams full of journeys across the white, through serene forests? The Montreal River, in upper Michigan, rich with cross-country ski trails, just might be the answer you’re looking for. In fact, when you combine all the trails together, you get more than 60 km of skiing pleasure, the longest located in Ironwood, MI.


Serene woodland ski trails, with an abundance of snow on the ground, weave together and stretch out along the Michigan side of the Montreal River. There are quite a few paths to glide across on the Wisconsin side of the river, as well.

ABR Trails, a ski-touring center, offers Nordic and cross-country skiers kilometer after kilometer of fantastic tracks that course through more than 1,100 acres of amazingly picturesque landscapes. If you’re new to cross-country skiing, the center gives starter classes that will help get you gliding. There are also plenty of tours of varying lengths for the more experience skiers, with routes that traverse across all kinds of different, yet outstandingly beautiful terrain.


Most trails around Ironwood only charge a small fee or donation for use. If you love the outdoors and cross-country skiing, the reward of being out in the fresh air skating across groomed trails is absolutely worth the tiny cost of admission.