After a couple weeks of calm, the Missoula County Attorney’s office was busy again this past week with a large docket of felony cases.

"We've had a fairly busy week with 21 new, more serious cases that we've processed," Said Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst. "Seven of those I would put int he violent category, and two of those were Assault With a Weapon: one, the defendant allegedly took a propane bottle and assaulted a significant other, in the other case a pair of scissors were used as a weapon."

There were also a large number of disturbing crimes against children.

"We had an assault on a minor in which the parent allegedly bit and strangled a child," Pabst said. "There are two more disturbing cases involving children: there was one Sexual Abuse of Children (Child Porn) in which a man had five images of a child on his phone engaged in sexual conduct. Then there was a child found walking down the highway with no parental supervision and badly in need of attention."

On top of all that there were four property crimes, four Felony DUIs and five felony drug cases.

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