Count on Michael Crichton to come up with another interesting story line. He’s the same guy that started with Andromeda Strain followed that up with Terminal Man and entertained all ages with Jurassic Park.

Micro opens with a seemingly unsolvable crime; three men found dead inside a locked building with no sign of a struggle. They’re covered with almost microscopically fines cuts.

Switch now to a research facility on the island of Oahu, where seven grad students go to work for a cutting edge microbiology firm. A new technology they’re working on places them in great personal danger from a most unexpected source in a world much bigger than you might think. Their knowledge of the natural world is all they have to hopefully survive.

Crichton does it again, blending high tech researched facts with the fast paced fiction only he can write. He keeps it simple, easy to understand, exactly what his readers have come to expect. If this is your first read of his stuff you may have found a new author you’ll enjoy.

This is the final book written by Michael Crichton who died of cancer in 2008. A memoriam on his webpage puts it best;

“Through his books, Michael Crichton served as an inspiration to students of all ages, challenged scientists in many fields, and illuminated the mysteries of the world in a way we could all understand.

He will be profoundly missed by those whose lives he touched, but he leaves behind the greatest gifts of a thirst for knowledge, the desire to understand, and the wisdom to use our minds to better our world.”

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