It was the day after St. Patrick's Day - so what was an overly tall leprechaun and his secretary doing at Chapter One Book Store on the corner of 3rd and Main in Hamilton Friday, March 18?

They were creating limericks, of course.

Dominick Farrenkoph, dressed in leprechaun garb, would write the Irish short poems for whoever came by - right on the spot, free! And Katrina Mendry of Chapter One would "type up" a copy of the rhyme. That's right. She used an old-fashioned portable typewriter. (photo below)

Most of the customers were kids. Here's one of the creations:

Arlo always ate fresh, fresh fruit
And almost any kind would suit.
And his most yummy
Inside his tummy
Were the citrus that made him toot!

Katrina Mendry of Chapter One Book Store used the typewriter simply because it drew attention to the street corner (as if a very tall leprechaun with a fake orange beard wasn't enough!) She typed up copies of the poem until the ribbon broke, which fortunately wasn't until the end of the two-hour event. Obviously it was a case of "Luck of the Irish."

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Dominic, who is also Hamilton's Mayor, has made an annual duty handing out gold chocolate coins on St. Patrick's Day, and with his love of poetry, thought the Limerick Corner was a grand idea, even if was on the day after St. Patrick's Day. Downtown Hamilton has had Irish flags flying throughout the week, thanks to the local Celtic Society, who host a huge August Games and Gathering at the Daly Mansion grounds.

limerick folk
Creating little poems in Hamilton. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

And so we leave you with another little rhyme:

With her boredom Sam was stricken
So she got a pair of chicken.
Sam just about died
When they multiplied,
But found them Finger-lickin'!

Happy DAY AFTER St. Patrick's Day from Hamilton, Montana, in the lyrical Bitterroot Valley.

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