Ok, so it's not exactly THAT brew you're sharing with your dog. But more on that in a minute.

If it seems like you've seen more dog pictures than normal on your social media feeds today, that's totally a possibility since it's International Dog Day. Myself? I'm more of a cat person - no cleaning up the yard after they go to the bathroom, they can stay home while you're away from the house for a few days.......just so much easier. But here's an interesting new product if "man's best friend" is more your pet of choice.

If it's the end of a long day and you want to enjoy a beer with some company.......but there's nobody around to partake......just look to your trusty pet. Yep, Busch Beer rolled out a new product called Dog Brew today. And to answer the first question you're already thinking, it's a non-alcoholic treat for your pooch. The alcohol-free bone broth features the following ingredients: bone-in pork butt, whole corn, celery, basil, mint, turmeric and ginger.

Busch put the product on sale today and pledged to donate $1 for every case sold to Best Friends Animal Society - up to $50,000. Dog Brew comes in a 4-pack and costs $9.99.

GOOD NEWS = It sold out online so Busch will be making a nice donation.
BAD NEWS = Because it sold out you can't purchase your own.
GOOD NEWS = The website says "Due to the popularity of our brew we are working on brewing more. Leave your e-mail to get notified when we have more brew ready for your pup!"

Busch Dog Brew may be sold out for now - but there's a bunch of other Dog Brew products for your furry friend HERE.

Oh, and I feel like this should go without saying.......but Busch put the following on their website as part of the FAQ for the novelty product:


NOPE! Alcohol and hops are toxic for dogs. Keep the Busch to yourself. That’s why we made this special pork bone broth brew for your best bud.