I have agreed to share with you guys some of the books I read in this series I'm calling "Al's Boook Blog." This is no book club; I just found myself talking with people about books and found us sharing titles. I’ll be blogging about what I’m reading and invite your feedback.  Our first book is "The Red Horseman"


If you read "Flight of The Intruder," you’re familiar with the name Jake Grafton. If you’re not, that’s OK. Now you’ve got two books to read. He’s the main character "The Red Horseman." Being a career Navy man, he’s a Rear Admiral now and Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The Soviet Union has fallen apart, Grafton has the assignment of making sure it’s nuclear weapons are dismantled  before they fall into the wrong hands. I can see the possibilities for lots of political intrigue and espionage work. The CIA, Israeli Intelligence, Middle East terrorists and various factions from all the countries involved striving to advance their agendas. Grafton knows he’s a marked man and must out think adversaries from several different directions.

Coonts has a real knack for fast moving novels. I’m looking forward to this one.

Pick up a copy of the book, read along with me, and don't forget to check back here on our website for my commentary and to add your own feedback on the book.

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