Another day, another news item about COVID messing everything up. Back at the beginning of 2020, it was expected that the Missoula Public Library's new building would be ready and open to the public by July. There were plans for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and everything! And, like everything else, those plans ended up getting changed pretty quickly.

It's been more slow-going on the development of the building than intended, but here's some good news - it looks like it'll finally be finished by the end of this month! The bad news? Well, you won't exactly be able to go inside.

Of course, that's all thanks to rising COVID numbers in Missoula - the library is working with the Missoula City-County Health Department, who are encouraging them not to open the new building to the public until numbers start to significantly decline in Missoula.

Obviously, that's a bummer - the new building looks awesome, and should one day be a great space for people to hang out and for families to check out different activities. But, it's all in the interest of public safety. So, instead of allowing people inside, the library will continue to lend books and other materials online and through curbside pickup.

So at least the library will continue to operate, even if people aren't allowed inside the building just yet. Are you excited to finally get a look at what's been happening with the Missoula Public Library? You can keep up to date on everything they're doing by visiting their website right here.

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