In a place like Missoula where coffee is life, you better believe we get a little excited when we hear of a new coffee house being built. We get a whole other level of excited when that coffee house is a second Drum Coffee location!

Now if you've never been to Drum Coffee, let me clue you in. The coffee is like heaven in a cup, the food is on that same level and the ambiance is like all your favorite coffee shops rolled into one. Oh yea, it's that good!

There are few places where hipsters and normal people can co-exist in complete harmony, but when they do it's always at a place like Drum Coffee. Some may say it's the Drum Coffee Effect. So keep your eyes open for their new location that's being built across Broadway from Eastgate Albertsons!

We'll keep ya apprised of all opening day activities!!!

For more on Drum Coffee and what they're all about, click HERE!

P.S. If you don't get the Fitz and the Tantrums connection, Drum Coffee's owner is John Wicks, drummer for the band and local Montanan!

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