Is it just me or am I getting grumpier with age? Back in my 20's, I would laugh when I witnessed an old man angrily shaking his fist at me from the curb. Screaming "turn down that god-awful music!" or "slow down, I got free-range chickens!" But, now that I am older, I have found myself doing that too. Now, that I have kids, I would keep resisting the urge to punt a football at the next car that comes screaming down my street. I also found my patience with drivers dwindling more and more each day. That patience becomes almost non-existent as we get closer to the winter months.


Recently, a concerned Missoula motorist shared a photo of another driver who clearly doesn't deserve a valid driver's license. Judging by the photo posted on Craigslist, the incident took place on Reserve street near Mullan road. The photo features a red car, with absolutely no tire on its front passenger side wheel. Meaning, this person had more than just a flat tire. They had NO TIRE. And, for that tire to have completely disappeared, the driver must have been driving without it for quite some time.

The author of the rant on Craigslist says

Watching this car drive down the road while the young female was talking on her phone in hand acting completely oblivious to the smoke and very loud grinding and over 100 feet of cut marks in the road ...was very comical.

The author then uses this instance to point out that there are too many terrible drivers on the road. With younger drivers being more likely to pull off something this dumb. How can a person not notice they are driving around with no tire. Probably because the person was too busy messing with their phone? The author suggests that the new legal driving age be moved to 25 years old. Probably not going to happen, but he makes a valid point that younger drivers do tend to cause accidents.


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