The City of Missoula has an ambitious plan to clear every residential street of snow in Missoula before the next storm is scheduled to arrive late Thursday night, February 27.

City Street Superintendent Brian Hensel said on Thursday morning that every snowplow in the city is out and working to get streets cleared in anticipation of yet another winter storm.

"A lot of our guys are working overtime and every piece of equipment we have that's able to plow snow is going," Hensel said. "Hopefully, we can get all these residential streets done, or even better, if the snowstorm doesn't actually hit and I can have another day to be optimistic tomorrow, that would be great also."

Hensel said he has learned from past mistakes in making claims regarding clearing the streets of snow.

"I don't want to be in the situation like I was before, when I went on TV and said everything in the city is cleared, and then I was swamped with phone calls a few minutes later with 10 or 15 streets we missed," Hensel said. "We appreciate people's patience as we try to get all this done. If you have a street in the city that's not yet plowed, just call our main desk at the street department at 552-6360."

City Streets Superintendent Brian Hensel



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