Monday night's storm sure did a number on the larger Missoula area where power outages are still an issue. Thankfully, cleanup crews are still going at it, and Missoula Parks and Recreation's Urban Forestry Division wants to provide helpful reminders for those still cleaning up mother nature's mess.

According to a press release distributed on Thursday, Parks and Rec will continue to remove storm debris and hazards from city-owned trees.

The release said the storm debris drop-site will be open at McCormick Park until Sunday, August 16, but city crews will "continue to remove debris along major traffic routes during early morning hours and on weekends when traffic is lightest."

Parks and Rec wants to remind citizens that commercial businesses are prohibited from dumping debris at these sites and that locations such as Eko-Compost is still accepting tree debris at no charge.

More information including pick-up requests are now being taken at the Missoula Parks and Rec website, or at (406) 552-6253.

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