It was a day, overcast, rainy and filled with anticipation, this day did arrive, The Taco Throwdown Showdown!!!.. All the eaters walked through the door of El Cazador's, on the corner, just down from The Wilma. Each one had their taco face on, each one formulating a game plan, should I eat from right to left or left to right, the strategy was one for all time,

because that one the only one will be crown King of Tacos! Bill Jenkins, ZooFM, KC, The Blaze, Mike and Charene KYSS-FM, as the time drew near, each contestant was breathing, making mouth gestures and just plain in it to win it! As the clock started, so did the contestants, each one using there own method, fork, no fork, hands, no the clock ticked...(tick tock tick tock) was clear who the winner would be, this year's King of Taco's....Billy Jenkins from Zoo FM, KC, The Blaze, second, Mike finished his four and Charene giving it her best! Thanks to El Cazador! We had a great time and so did our listeners that came down to see this once in a lifetime event. And to all.... Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!