This was the ad from Nationwide that caused such controversy during the Super Bowl. It highlights the possible dangers to children that are present in every home.

Dannette Fadness with Safe Kids Montana said the organization has released a report that indicates parents are largely unaware of common hazards in the home.

"Childhood injuries are the leading cause of death in the United States, however, most parents assume their homes are safe," Fadness said. "We wanted to get out some tips that parents can watch out for, to help kids be safer in their homes."

The most common hazards around the home for kids are drowning, with a reminder to never leave children unattended in the bathtub or in a pool. Second is fire safety, with a tip to change the batteries in your smoke alarm at every time change, spring and fall.

Suffocation is another hazard, with experts saying to keep cribs clear of stuffed animals and toys, place babies on their backs to sleep, always alone, and always in a crib. Another tip is window safety. Hundreds of accidents occur every year when children fall out of windows, so use window guards and window stops to keep kids safely inside.

And, when it comes to medications, make sure they are safely locked away and out of reach of small children. Fadness said grandparents need to be especially careful to keep medicines out of reach when their grandchildren visit.

With spring on the horizon, Fadness and Safe Kids Montana urge parents to make sure their yards and outdoor spaces are safe for children, as well.


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