How many of you go straight to Google whenever you have a question that you have a difficult time answering....regardless of how INCRIMINATING and EMBARRASSING it might be. Well, hopefully this will make you feel better about your inquiries...because you are not alone.... 

The real estate website known as Estately took a peek at a database of searches from every state in America to see what kind of embarrassing things we Google more than the other states in the nation. Here's a few highlights before we share Montana's...

  • Washington:  "sandals and socks."
  • New Mexico:  "The Hot Chick" . . . as in the Rob Schneider movie from 2002.
  • North Dakota:  "Limp Bizkit."
  • Illinois:  "Is WWE fake?"
  • Iowa:  "According to Jim" . . . the Jim Belushi sitcom.
  • Wisconsin:  a Google image search for pictures of outhouses.
  • Maryland:  "Am I a virgin?"
  • Indiana:  "Arby's".  And also, "How big is average?"
  • Delaware:  "Newark girls."
  • Maine:  "Nickelback lyrics."
Now, wait....before you start laughing's what most people in YOUR state Google the most that would be considered embarrassing in its own right...
Montana searches Alex Jones (the radio host) more than others. Whoever said Montana is full of conspiracy theorists might not be so far off with their stereotype.

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