Chayce Beckham received plenty of advice from country superstar and American Idol judge Luke Bryan on Season 19 of the singing competition show, and nearly one year later, the close friendship between Bryan and Beckham has continued.

Beckham went home the winner of American Idol Season 19, and now that he has started his career in country music, he says Bryan has shown him immeasurable support, offering everything from career tips to fishing trips.

"He’s been really good to me," Chayce shares in an interview with Hollywood Life. "I appreciate him so much. It’s an open door, pretty much. Anything I need, I can call him. If I need advice or help with something or I just wanna go fish, I can call him up."

Beckham shares that many of these fishing trips with Bryan take place at the singer's "private spot" at his house, an experience Beckham still can't quite believe and one he calls a "blessing."

"I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve been [to Luke Bryan’s house]," Beckham says. "How many people can say they get to do that kind of stuff? I was a blue-collar worker, a normal dude down the street, and now I get to fish in Luke Bryan’s private spot when I want to. It’s a huge blessing."

The Idol winner, who released his Doin' It Right EP on April 15, says Bryan's entire family and crew also welcomed him with open arms.

"Him and his family and everyone who works for him have been good to me and made me feel like family," he states. "It’s been great and I’m lucky to have that relationship."

Bryan isn't the only artist that has welcomed Beckham into the country music family. Dierks Bentley also went fishing with the new country star earlier this month.

"Good little adventure today," Bentley wrote alongside a photo of the two singers holding up their fish. "@chaycebeckhammusic fish game is strong."

Beckham also collaborates with country singer Lindsay Ell on a song called "Can't Do Without Me," which appears on his new EP. He returned to the American Idol stage on April 17 for a performance of the project's title track.

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