Another business inside Southgate Mall made headlines the other week when Dairy Queen & Orange Julius announced they would be closing their doors after 42 years. About five days prior to that announcement I was walking through the mall and as I passed DQ/OJ I had the conversation with myself about getting an Orange Julius the next time I visited. There's that great saying, "don't put off til tomorrow what could be done today." I guess that phrase also works when it comes to grabbing frozen treats while you have the chance.

I also saw the parking lot area of J.C. Penny all fenced off. We heard the news in January that the store would be closing by late spring. But it seems to me that COVID-19 closures robbed us of our chance to enjoy discounted prices and bargain barrel deals before JCP left Missoula in the rear view mirror. Oh well, I suppose it's out with the old and in with the new.

And speaking of the new stores to come, construction is taking place at Southgate Mall as they prepare for big changes. A KPAX article outlines the reconfiguration and additions currently underway. The big addition that we knew to be on the way is Scheels. The sporting goods store looks to be pretty massive and hopes to open by next year. The same article quotes Southgate Mall general manager Tim Winger with some positive things to say about the new addition. "The choices they have, the depth of inventory that they have, they're just a great retailer. On top of it they're very community-minded, and they will be a part of the fabric of Missoula very, very quickly."

Other changes happening in the mall include a new sushi and ramen restaurant, a new Lulu Lemon store, and a new location for Noodle Express.


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