I was able to avoid the flu last year.  Two years ago I wasn't so lucky.  Hopefully this year it will pass me by again.  Since my wife works with kids, and we have young children at home, she made me get a flu shot last weekend.  After seeing the predictions for flu season this year - I'm glad I did.

Over 13,000 people in Montana were sick with the flu last season.  Over 30 people died from it.  And the CDC is predicting we'll have a worse flu season this year than we did last year.

As the kids are back in school and exposed to germs, and as the weather changes for the fall, people are urged to get the flu shot before the virus hits in full force.  And if you do get the flu, avoid spreading it by staying home and letting it run its course.

There always seems to be the discussion about how effective the flu shot is.  True, you can still get the flu after being vaccinated, but it will help minimize your symptoms and potentially keep you from needing to be hospitalized.

The good news is you can get the flu shot for pretty cheap or even for free through your health insurance - and it's easily available at pharmacies and most grocery stores.

Here's to hoping you're lucky enough to avoid the cough, fever, chills and runny nose for what is expected to be a worse flu season than last year.

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