Montana's Attorney General is sounding the alarm to state ranchers. The cattle feed scams are out there! Millions of dollars may have already been stolen.

Attorney General Austin Knudsen said investigations are discovering widespread scams, where cattle feed is promised, but never delivered. He said that the Office of Consumer Protection estimated up to $5 million has been taken from Montanans from scammers, including a Canadian company.

He said the company under investigation is New Way Ag, which has been selling grain hay, barley straw and wheat straw at very low prices, collected the payments, but reportedly never made delivery of the feed.

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Knudsen said that the investigation is ongoing, and that anyone who made payments to New Way Ag should contact the Montana Office of Consumer Protection at 406-444-4500.

And, armed with that example, he said that he's sure others are there, doing the same thing. As he said in a news release, "Montana ranchers are facing headwinds as it is, without being scammed by crooks looking to make a quick buck. Please report any suspected scams to our office so we can hold these criminals accountable. Now more than ever we all must keep a watchful eye out for scammers looking to take advantage of Montanans."

And, with the price of hay, it doesn't take long to rack up a large feed bill. The Northern Ag Network reports that premium alfalfa hay in large squares is selling in Montana for up to $300 a ton. Neighboring states are selling into Montana at prices up to $345 a ton. Upper Midwest prices for Top Grade are up to $400 a ton. And the supply is expected to be pressured by continuing drought conditions in many areas.

All types of scams can be reported to the Montana Department of Justice's Office of Consumer Protection. The toll free-number is 800 481-6896.

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