Driving at night on the highway is tough enough, trying to be alert for deer, elk, coyotes, raccoons and whatever else might pop out in front of you.

But an airborne catfish? Strange but true. And the driver tracked down the crashing carcass to help assure friends and authorities that he hadn't had a few too many Christmas toddies.

AP tells us that a gentleman in North Carolina was driving home from his mom's house the other evening when a large object fell from the sky and smashed his windshield. Imagine his astonishment when he stops, returns to the spot of impact and finds the remains of a large catfish. The only logical explanation is that a bird of prey must have made a bigger catch than it could carry and had to abandon fish. Fortunately there were no injuries or other damages to the vehicle.

There's a heck of a story to share at Christmas gatherings for years to come.

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