Wow it has been a fishy last 9 days... I have fished so much! This weekend though I went on a journey up north and ended hooking into my biggest Rainbow Trout to-date.

It was already hot at 11 am and was getting hotter quick, Brandon my co-heart was saying about how we were probably not going to catch anything well right away I got a largemouth bass! So I was feeling OK at least I caught something.

We probably were fishing for about 3 hours when we go into a little side channel thing and I cast out my pike streamer and low and behold a beast is on the end... at first we thought it was a Pike but then nope it started flying out of the water and it was a beautiful big Rainbow Trout!

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

This is my biggest one to date! I am just so thankful...

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