The rain storms that passed through Western Montana this past weekend brought a reduced danger level on the area forests. The Bitterroot National Forest is joining other areas in lowering the fire danger from "Exteme" to "High," which means campfires will be allowed again in the national forest, beginning Wednesday, August 29. The "hoot owl" rules, restricting afternoon firewood cutting, will also end. However, the Ravalli County restriction on open burning is not rescinded.

Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest said at least a half inch of rain fell in parts of the forest, but the fire season is not over. The area is still very dry. He reminded people to be responsible if you have a campfire. When you're done, put it out. Material must be cool to the touch. Lots of water and dirt will get the job done. We have had way too many abandoned campfires this year in the Bitterroot Valley. And mainly because of lightning, there have been 31 wildfires in the valley this year. Most fires have been kept under an acre in size.

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