Don't look now, but Father's Day is this weekend. If you're having a hard time figuring out what to get your dad for his big day of recognition - the folks at Buffalo Wild Wings have swooped in with an idea for you. What do you get the guy who has everything? It would appear this could be the answer to that question. Introducing the Moist Tie-lette from BWW.

If you watched the video above you're probably wondering if this is really a thing. Yep, the Moist Tie-lette is indeed a product that you can actually spend money on. Part Wet-Nap and part necktie.....and available at just the right time as Dad needs to wipe sauce from his face while you dine together for Father's Day.

I have to admit I got a good laugh from the video when they're being so sarcastic but also making it look like a well-crafted product. I love the lines about it being "elegant, timeless, and practical - as well as being made from the finest and most absorbent materials." Ha!

The Moist Tie-lette can be yours for just $25. I know, your wondering who in their right mind would spend $25 on an oversized napkin to wipe your face, right? But, for your $25 you actually get a $25 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings along with the must-have fashion statement.

They advertised that you could get yours at while supplies last.
*****After checking the website, it showed they were sold out. You can check back to see if they become available for purchase again.*****  I might just pop into BWW on Sunday to see if I can spot anybody wearing one.

Even if you can't find the Moist Tie-lette in stock, you can still share your love of wings with your dad at Buffalo Wild Wings on just might have to use a regular napkin or Wet-Nap for all your cleaning needs. B-Dubs is offering a Father’s Day Bundle, available on Father's Day only. It includes 20 traditional wings, 20 boneless wings and a basket of fries for $39.99.

Find Buffalo Wild Wings in Missoula at 2615 Radio Way.


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