You may have heard that McDonald's recently brought back its iconic Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, which has been in-demand pretty much ever since they took it away. So this news may have gotten lost in the shuffle: the Shamrock Shake is back at McDonald's, too!

Ok, that may not be AS big a deal - they typically bring back the Shamrock Shake every year, so we knew it would be coming back around this time. But there are people who get very excited whenever it's time to bring the Shamrock Shake back - and this year, they're even debuting a new one, called the Shamrock Oreo McFlurry.

And here's something cool, too - if you get a Shamrock Shake at any McDonald's in Montana, 25 cents of your purchase will go towards the Ronald McDonald Houses located in Missoula and Billings.

If you're not familiar, the Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to stay with seriously ill children that need medical assistance. You've probably seen collection bins for loose change at McDonald's in the past that all goes towards helping to finance the Ronald McDonald House.

So not only can you participate in your annual tradition of getting your first Shamrock Shake of the season, but now you know that a portion of that money is going towards a good cause. Maybe you can even get a couple - or, just get one and make a separate donation. Whatever works for you.

Are you excited by the return of the Shamrock Shake to the McDonald's menu?

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