I've been playing the 'hmm...what do I get?' game in my head since late last week. You know that game, where you keep asking yourself "what do I get my mom for Mother's Day?"  You play that game, right? It doesn't matter how many times you ask yourself the question, or think you might have a possible gift idea, nothing seems to get you excited about actually following through and giving that gift to mom.

Let me float this idea by you. You get mom some beautiful flowers that happen to come from a local business, you can add an extra little something to your order in addition to the flowers, and you end up helping another business in town. That does't sound too bad, right?

Like so many others, the Bitterroot Flower Shop had to close their doors when businesses were shut down because of the COVID-19 pandmic. But, just as we've seen the doors start to slowly open around town, Bitterroot Flower Shop is back in business at just the perfect time - right before Mother's Day.

Oh yes, you're wondering how you can add an extra goodie to your order and help another business in town. If you purchase a Mother's Day arrangement from the Bitterroot Flower Shop you can add a coupon or gift card to a local business. How about cones from Big Dipper? A drink (or more) from Florence Coffee Co.? A manicure or pedicure from Frolic? Those, and more, are all add-ons that you can choose to purchase and include with your gift for mom.  They also have an arrangement that features a gift card to Burns St. Bistro.

The Bitterroot Flower Shop has you covered for Mother's Day with flowers from local farms, helping to support other local businesses and curbside pickup and delivery. See a piece that KPAX did on them here.

Place an order by calling them or visiting them online HERE.

The Bitterroot Flower Shop
811 S. Higgins Ave.

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