Monday was a busy night for Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputies with two major burglary investigations underway simultaneously.

Sergeant Michael Hash told KGVO News just after 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday that a burglary suspect in the Blackfoot area who may be armed was still at large.

“We had an incident right around seven o'clock on the seventh of December,” said Sergeant Hash. “We had a homeowner intervene on a burglary in progress at a residence up the Blackfoot corridor off Cambridge road. The suspect was in the process of grinding through a gun safe and he was able to flee through the backdoor and out into the area.”

Hash described the response by investigating deputies.

“Deputies responded, but we weren't able to actually apprehend our suspect,” he said. “We searched for quite a few hours using our tactical team and our canine unit. So as of right now that suspect is still a large we still have detectives who are working on processing a pretty significant crime scene up there. I will say that our suspect whom we have not identified with pretty good information based on what we saw from the scene after entering that gun safe that he is possibly armed.”

Hash provided more details.

“So as of right now, we also have a stolen vehicle related to that same incident that has been recovered,” he said. “So right now we're kind of in the middle of processing a pretty significant crime scene and then we're going to try and identify the suspect and hopefully we can pinpoint who he is and start working on trying to get him apprehended.”

Hash said the homeowner provided a brief description of the suspect as being a male, either white or Native American in his early 20’s, tall and skinny wearing a dark hoodie, and that the suspect is believed to have stolen several firearms from the safe, and is considered armed.

Anyone who may have spotted this suspect is advised not to approach, but asked to call 9-1-1.


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