Let me take you back to, oh, roughly 2015 or 2016. I'm living in New York when Hamilton becomes the biggest smash Broadway musical - it's winning Tony Awards, it's selling out every night, and everyone is getting obsessed with it. So I figure, "alright, I'll check it out." I downloaded the soundtrack and listened to it on a long car ride. And then I listened to it again. And then I listened to it again.

I was pretty obsessed with Hamilton for about a year straight. The soundtrack completely blew me away and I became a huge fan of just about everybody involved. I tried and tried to get tickets to the show while I was living in New York, but it wasn't happening - they were so expensive and they sold out so fast.

I finally got to see the show in action when the concert film hit Disney+ last summer, but it's not the same as the live theatrical experience. And now, it looks like I might finally be able to do just that. Hamilton is back to scheduling shows for its tour across the country now that we're seeing a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and that tour is going to take them to Spokane in May 2022 - and not just for a couple of nights, either.

Hamilton has got 24 shows spread out throughout the month of May scheduled at the First Interstate Center For The Arts, beginning on May 3rd and ending on May 22nd. Now, a heads up that these tickets are pretty expensive, but you can order them online now right here. If you need more info about the show itself, you can check out the First Interstate Center's website.

It's a little over a year away, which seems like a long time, but I'm willing to wait for it.

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