The Thursday October 11 edition of KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal highlighted a colorful mushroom and osprey migration. Bob Danley recently saw a large pale violet mushroom in the Missoula area. He cautions that the Cortinarius Olympianus is inedible, but it has a one-to-four-inch cap. The mushroom he saw had a touch of orange coloring on the cap, too.

Bob has been spending part of his day looking up from his back yard and noting the migrating birds. He said Osprey are still moving out of the area and the latest fall sighting of one of those has been in the middle of November. They winter as far south as Central America, even in Costa Rica. And Bob even saw three little butterflies in this fall weather. They were Mylitta Crescent species and you can see some this time of year near sunny openings in the woods. They lay eggs in thistle. The eggs hatch before winter and the caterpillars build communal silken webs to overwinter.

little butterfly in fall
A Myletta Crescent butterfly. (Bob Danley photo)

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