The NOAA weather forecasters are predicting a warmer-than-average fall, according to Bob Danley of KLYQ's Bitterroot Outdoor Journal. He said we should expect colors of autumn to be a bit later than usual. As far as what you can see right now, the Leafcurl aphid has returned to Green Ash trees and Yellow-rumped Warblers know it. They are flocking to those trees to have aphid dinners. The aphids are related to Cicada and grasshoppers and are winged in the summer and look a bit different in the fall, when they lay eggs in the Green Ash trees (see photos below).

Hawk watching is good as they continue to migrate. Bob saw peregrine and prairie falcons this week. Painted Lady and Purplish Copper butterflies (see photo below) are still finding nectar, while the dragonflies are mainly the Shadow Darner and Variegated Meadowhawk along the woodland trails. Bob suggests you walk with the sun on your face when looking for butterflies and dragonflies, because it's easier to take photos when they land, with the sun backlighting them. And, a reminder from KLYQ for you to carry bear spray and be aware of mountain lions in the Bitterroot Valley this season. The Bitterroot Outdoor Journal is heard Wednesday mornings during the 7:30 a.m. Bitterroot Morning newscast on KLYQ 1240 radio,, and on the KLYQ app on your cellphone.

The wooly aphid in the summer (left) and the fall (right). (Bob Danley Photos)
purplish copper butterfly
Purplish-Copper butterfly. (Bob Danley photo)

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