Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins[/caption]Saturday was the most fun weekend day of traveling around Montana I have had in a while! My wife Savannah and I woke up not sure of what we wanted to do so but we ended up deciding on checking out the Dragon Boat Races taking place in Lakeside, MT just a little north of Polson up highway 93.

The races we so much fun and the beautiful drive up make it so much better. When we arrived we saw lots of booths, live music and tons of teams waiting for their turn on the Dragon Boats.

After checking things out for a while and soaking in the sun, Savannah and I headed to the Kwataqnuk for lunch since we had never been. Before lunch we stopped at the casino and lost a few dollars until my final spin and won $50! Which was perfect for us to go pay for our lunch downstairs as we overlooked the beautiful Flathead lake!


Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins[/caption]After lunch we headed back to Missoula where I got to announce the races at the Big Sky Kartway, just a fun way to end a near perfect Saturday!

If only my Seahawks won yesterday, then we would be talking about a perfect weekend!


Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins[/caption]

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