What would you do if your favorite bar was on wheels? What if your favorite bar was environmentally friendly and could take you to other bars? Well, in places like Minneapolis, Nashville and San Diego, this is a reality.

Pedal Pubs, are essentially bars on wheels whose patrons pedal while they drink. If you’re worried that this is considered drinking and driving, don’t be. You see, every bar is equipped with a commercially licensed driver.

These Pedal Pubs allow you to enjoy your favorite brew and burn a few of the calories your’re consuming too.

What do you think? Could these solve some problems for Missoula’s downtown night life? Or do you think they would just add to the chaos? Or would they be just plain fun?

I think these bars on wheels would be great for Out to Lunch and many of Missoula’s other downtown activities. They would be a great way to transport people from Caras park to many of the other bars and restaurants downtown.

Missoula is already a city that is known for its outdoor activities, and I think that Pedal Pubs would make a great addition to the downtown scene. What do you think?

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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