If you've ever gazed at the panoramic beauty of the Lost Trail area and wondered what it would be like to ride down on a bike, now's your chance.

The Lost Trail Bike Fest and Shuttle Extravaganza at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Area begins this Friday night, August 24, with registration, a movie and camping. For those who don't want to make a Friday night out of it, starting Saturday, riders can get on the shuttle and take advantage of the trails winding their way off Lost Trail Pass and down Warm Springs Ridge. There will be six trails to choose from. Wanna go again? The shuttles will take you back to the top, so you can go on as many rides as your butt can handle!

Saturday night activities include food and beverages, and live music with Zeppo Blues. Festival tickets are $75. Kids age 16 and under can ride the shuttle for free when accompanied by a paying adult.  You can get all the registration and other general information you need right here. Sounds like an awesome way to start winding down your summer!




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