So many events had to be cancelled in 2020 thanks to COVID-19, and it's been so encouraging over these past few weeks to see a lot of those events fully come back and plan for 2021. It's like the world is saying, "Hey people, it's almost time for you to have lives again!"

One of those annual events that had to shut down was the BIgfork Whitewater Festival, a whitewater rafting race that heads down the Wild Mile in Bigfork. A lot of people were bummed to see it go last year, so I'm sure those same people will be pretty excited to hear that it's officially back on for 2021, and will take place over Memorial Day weekend, May 28th through the 30th.

To put on an event like this, they still need to take precautions, and they will - they're requiring racers to wear their masks while they're in line, and they're restructuring the vendor area to allow for more social distancing.

If you're racing, there's some prize money involved, too - first place gets you $600, second place gets $300, and third place gets $150, and that's for both the men and women divisions. Whether you're racing or you just want to hang out, watch some races and chill, it seems like it'll be a fun event.

They've got all the info you need on the Bigfork Whitewater Festival on their Facebook event page. Are you excited for this event to finally make its return to Bigfork? Are there any annual events that haven't announced their plans yet that you're hoping come back this year?

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