With the weather taking a turn towards the cold, you might not be thinking about doing any major outdoor activity for a little while. Oh, I know some people are gearing up to go skiing and snowboarding and all that kind of stuff, but it's also the season to hang out indoors, drink hot chocolate, and just hide out until the cold weather passes.

And when it does, you may decide you want to go for a walk - so maybe you'll head out to Missoula's Waterworks Trail. And when you do, you'll probably notice a few changes in the area.

That's because, according to Montana Right Now, plans are in place to renovate the Waterworks Trail in 2022. The idea is that they're going to movie it up the hill and then add a new, accessible trail for people who may be unable to walk the main one - and the cool thing about the accessible trail is it still takes you to a viewpoint overlooking the city of Missoula.

The city is also planning to rebuild Minkler Look to create a larger parking lot on the Missoula Water property.

It'll be a little time before you can see the finished product, though - they plan to start construction in April 2022 and will hopefully have it done by the 4th of July.

Are you looking forward to the changes happening at Waterworks Trail? It's not the only spot in Missoula that's changing - renovations have already begun over at Caras Park for all the changes happening over there.

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