There's nothing like a hot soak to do the body wonders. Long day? Rough week? A sports injury or just sore muscles? A relaxing bath will do the trick. A hot tub is even better. And if you want to get all fancy you can take a dip in a hot spring. Yep, nature's bathtubs can be found around the country and we're pretty lucky to be able to choose between quite a few right here in Montana.

What a difference a name makes

Call it a geothermal spring and it makes it sound like a dangerous place where no man should venture because the odds of certain harm are so great. But call it a hot spring and the only worry is if you'll have enough beer to get you through your time at the resort. Thrillist put together a list of America's Most Beautiful Natural Hot Springs and they stretch the country from Florida to Arizona and Idaho to Arkansas. But of the ten places they name on the list, no state is included more than once except Montana. Not only that but three of the ten are from Montana. Not too shabby.

Which ones made the Thrillist list?

Chico Hot Springs
Located near Pray, Montana, and not far from Yellowstone National Park. The resort features 112 rooms on 635 acres and it sounds like it's a pretty fancy place with its horseback riding and spa options. Lodging for the busy months can be booked up as far as a year in advance.

Quinn's Hot Springs
The article refers to it as a "comfy wilderness getaway" that you'll find in Paradise, MT. You can rent cabins, enjoy a nearby hike, and check out new features from 2021 that include pools, fire pits, and changing rooms. Guests get first priority when it comes to swimming so walk-in passes are limited.

Fairmont Hot Springs
A nearby spring feeds water to "a heated Olympic-sized indoor pool, an indoor 104°F soaking pool, an outdoor 104°F soaking pool, and a large outdoor warm pool with a corkscrew water slide." There's also a restaurant, cafe, and bar for anyone staying in one of the 153 rooms. Pools are available for use by overnight guests and members--visit their website for current rates.

So many hot springs to choose from around Montana

Of course, there are plenty of other hot springs located around Montana that you can enjoy. If you don't already have a favorite spot, a quick search online will give you a list of options for your next destination for some R&R.

Credit: Thrillist

Correction: An earlier version of the article indicated that day passes are available at Fairmont Hot Springs. According to their website, pools are only open to overnight resort guests and members.

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