Well it's too late to change your major but with graduation coming up WalletHub released the best and worst entry-level jobs for 2017.

They took 109 entry-level jobs and compared them. They stated that they took "median starting salary to projected job growth by 2024" and more data to figure this out. Here are the top 5 worst and best entry-level jobs out there.

Top 5 Best:

1 Engineer
2 Systems Engineer
3 Architect
4 Web Applications Developer
5 Electrical Engineer

Top 5 Worst:

  1. 1Tool and Die Maker
  2. 106 Plumber
  3. 107 Boilermaker
  4. 108 Floor Assembler
  5. 109 Welder

The job that was ranked number one for openings was an architect.



    Sylvia Lake Fun

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