After such a bleak 2020, it's nice to kick off 2021 with some good news: Muse Comics & Games is officially opening back up in Missoula!

As someone who moved to Missoula in 2018 and needed to find a place to explore my nerdier tendencies, Muse fit the bill - they were pretty conveniently located close to my house, kept updated with the latest weekly comic books, and had a wide selection of board and card games to check out.

And then suddenly, they were gone - I stopped by one day and there was a sign on the door that said they were moving, but it didn't give a timeframe on when that might be. But finally, Muse announced their reopening in a new location on Facebook over the holidays.

I actually saw their sign when I was driving around a little bit after Christmas, and now it's confirmed - Muse Comics & Games has moved from their Higgins location to a new spot at 1940 Harve Ave, right off of Brooks Street near the Southgate Mall. And they'll officially be reopen on Wednesday, January 6th.

Wednesday, of course, is typically new comic release day, so you can probably expect to see the latest titles on the shelves of Muse once more. In a year where most businesses have struggled and a few in Missoula didn't make it through the pandemic, it's exciting to see Muse Comics & Games back in action and ready to act as a haven for all kinds of nerds in Missoula.

Are you excited to get back to Muse Comics & Games?

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