Saving one horse may not change the world ... but it will surely change the world for that one horse!

One Horse at a Time is a non-profit organization located in the Bitterroot Valley dedicated to draft horses. Their mission is to save unwanted, neglected and abused draft horses from going to slaughter. Intercepting at auction is the focus and thus keeping the draft horses from entering the slaughter pipeline.

A wonderful introductory way to find out how you can help is by attending Beer and Brats at the Barn, Saturday, October 17, 11am-4pm. There will be live music with Billy G, draft horse-drawn carriage rides, a silent auction and raffle.

One Horse at a Time founder, Jasmin Shinn, moved to the valley in 2014 with her husband, a 26 year Army Veteran, and two children, where they live on a small farm. Having grown up with horses, it was Jasmin's dream to live on a farm and own horses. While her heart beats for all horses, draft horses are her passion. Jasmin did a lot of research before starting a rescue and particularly a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue was established in 2017.

Beer and Brats at the Barn is a family-friendly event with plenty of parking. Come meet the draft horses of 1 Horse At A Time. The barn is located at 326 Popham Lane in Corvallis MT.

And if you'd like to find out more about 1 Horse at a Time, be sure to visit Jasmin's website and Facebook page.


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