Big business news coming to Missoula - Bedrock Sandals, an adventure footwear company located in San Francisco, is relocating their headquarters and bringing their flagship store to Missoula.

The move was announced this week by Missoula Economic Partnership, who said that it should take place early next year. The new HQ will include office space for their employees, a store, and a workshop for show repair.

Bedrock's co-founders cited Missoula as the best place for the company, saying the town fits their "ethos and lifestyle." It also offers a closeness to the outdoors and a sustainable atmosphere to grow the business.

No word yet on how many jobs this will bring to Missoula, or even where it's going to be located in town, but Bedrock has already been contributing to Missoula-based organizations like the Clark Fork Coalition and Adventure Cycling, so they're looking forward to being a big part of the community.

Will you be checking out Bedrock Sandals when they come into town?


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