It's truly a joyous season around Missoula as the weather starts to improve and beer festival time is once again upon us! If we go back in history, I hope that the first person with the idea to hold a beer fest was honored by their friends, and society as a whole, for being the innovator of an idea that would benefit future generations to come. It would be a shame if that person didn't know how important they truly were.

We do love our beer events around Missoula!

In addition to the 28th Annual Garden City BrewFest and the Montana Brewers Fall Rendezvous returning to Caras Park this year, here's another excuse to visit Missoula's favorite hangout and get your drink on! The Backcountry Brewfest will be taking over the park on May 13 from 5 PM to 9 PM.

If you're not familiar with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, it's an organization dedicated to conservation and it "seeks to ensure North America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting, through education and work on behalf of wild public lands, waters, and wildlife." If the work they do isn't deserving of us supporting them by drinking beer, what is?

Tickets to the Backcountry Brewfest are $25 and include a 16oz stainless steel Dometic outdoors cup for the first 2,000 people as well as 2 beer tickets. There will also be chances to win prizes and a collection of beverages from some of the best breweries in Montana.

Breweries participating in Backcountry Brewfest:

  • Bias Brewing
  • Bitterroot Brewing
  • Blacksmith Brewing Company
  • Bridger Brewing
  • Conflux Brewing Company
  • Cranky Sam Public House
  • Draught Works
  • Flathead Lake Brewing Company
  • Gild Brewing
  • Great Burn Brewing
  • Highlander Beer
  • Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company
  • Kalispel Brewing Company
  • Kettlehouse Brewing Company
  • Last Chance Cider Mill
  • Lewis & Clark Brewing Company
  • Lolo Peak Brewing Company
  • Mountains Walking Brewery
  • Neptune's Brewery
  • New Hokkaido Beverage Company
  • Oddpitch Brewing
  • Phillipsburg Brewing Company
  • Red Lodge Ales
  • Ronan Cooperative Brewery
  • Smelter City Brewing
  • Tamarack Brewing
  • Überbrew
  • Western Cider
  • Zesty

After eight months of construction, we're ready to have fun events like this return to Caras Park! Get all the details about the Backcountry Brewfest from their website - HERE.

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