Back to school time is here, and with that in mind here are a few reminders for everyone. Thousands of people from kids to adults deal with school in one way or another.

  • 1. Remember to slow down and be cautious. Not just in school zones but just in general there are a lot more students/children walking to and from school and after activities.
  • 2. Back-to-School means stress and excitement for parents and kids. So be empathetic and understanding of kids getting excited a lot maybe stressed or college students dealing with stress as well. Plus the parents deal with a lot around this time of year juggling things.
  • 3. Food safety is important as kids are around other children, leaving lunches out and eating food not monitored by their parents so allergy scares as well. So if kids need to keep lunches cool make sure they know and do. If they have allergy's take precaution to protect them.
  • 4. A lot more germs are going to be spread around. Teaching children to wash hands as much as they can at school and always after using the restroom is a good way to help. College students need to keep up with it and cleaning there space. Disinfecting wipes are great too but try not to over use them so they become less effective.
  • 5. There will be more lines in the evening and in general. As kids go back-to-school, teachers go back to work and college is in session more people everywhere and in turn it takes a bit longer places, so pack your patience.

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