I saw again last night how caring my wife (Savannah) really is. For the last few months we have noticed a family of birds living in a large bird nest in a tree in our backyard. My wife loved watching and hearing the birds especially in the morning time. She even named the mother bird (Momma Maple the Magpie).

Long story short unfortunately last night Momma Maple the Magpie was found in our backyard no longer alive. After researching magpies online my wife discovered that when those birds mate, they mate for life. And sometimes after a situation like that the male bird doesn't always look after the baby birds still growing.

Again, long story short Savannah has found one of the growing birds and called a place in Potomac to see what the best course of action would be. So, she is meeting the lady from the place that nurses birds back to health this morning before work. It was an unexpected strange night last night. But all it really showed me is that my wife has a heart of gold.


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