Assembling stuff at Christmas was always something as a kid you don't think of being a  pain in the butt...but it is! As I am trying to be better at studying and doing work... I decided to get a desk and have a place to work/study and do things on my computer.

They say Christmas time and Birthdays, parents and the men more in particular have to assemble and tinker around with tons of gadgets, devices and structures. Well the same goes for the college kid, they have desks and software plus gadgets galore. Most of us have had the great pleasure of having to put something together with instructions and a Phillips screw driver.

I needed a desk. I went on a search initially for a desk on craigslist that was already assembled so all I had to do was load it up. Unfortunately that did not happen with what I had in my budget and what I wanted.

So we went on the search for a desk in a box... and finally found one at a big box store here in town. At first we tried haggling with the employee of the store to just give us an assembled one but no that was against company policy and so we were stuck with pieces in a box.

Off we went to the land of unknown... did we just waste money to attempt to put together a desk that we probably don't even have tools for? We had to borrow some tools but ended being able to get started.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

It was actually fairly easy, since half the desk was already assembled. So after stressing and thinking it would be difficult it wasn't.

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